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      There are many important things for everybody such as to be healthy, to see new verges of the World, to feel the lifetime and its rhythm..
       Questions, arising from people and concerning a spinal column, had an effect on technique, withstanding the test of time.
       The author had felt a lot on her own back: doubts and distrust but her technique has been added to peoples armoury. Even those that had not accepted the strength of evidence and results subsequently accepted her technique.
        Her book has the right to be named as Popular.
       Tamara Belousova, professor of Folk Medicine, has taken a lot of valuable from Life.
       Musculoskeletal locomotor system is basis for everything, because good-looking bearing is directly concerned with health, not only with spinal column, but also with all movement system on the whole. She has developed the system of organism restoration, transferring it to followers with care.
       Tamara Pavlovna gave us her work and proved us that intimate knowledge of fundamentals is Ariadne's thread, leading us out of the labyrinth to the Light. 
Only talented and lavish person can synthesize knowledge and experience, and share them with people.
       All her life she strives for new attainments, their comprehension and use in practice. She devoted herself to serving people.
       Her mastery is available and public for people.
       It is said everything great is simple. That is the essence. Her book is very comprehensible. That is her contribution to Healthy Life-Style and to the Cause of Peace.

       Grateful disciples
Comments of patients

L. Kanzhur, professor of Zaporozhye National University, Ukraine
Ive come to you so atonic, with severe pains in my neck, loin and leg. Everything has gone. You set me on my feet. I have no pains; my vertebral column is straight; my mood is glorious. I have never met such kindness and struggle for my recovery no matter where, only here. All my treatment was accompanied by detailed explanations and directions: what and in what way to do, how and what to eat, what I have to avoid Thus, a Man changes and reappraises a lot.

S.A. Styazhkina, 76 yaers old, Zaporozhye, Ukraine
One week of my treatment had glided away Tamara Pavlovna has found all my sensitive points, in addition to my complaints on pain due to thorax osteochondrosis. I had so severe pains that I screamed. I went home after treatment supposedly to be absolutely healthy. The God gives such People, People from the capital letter!

Rustam Akhmetov, 15 years old, Zaporozhye, Ukraine       
Scoliosis was found in his early childhood. But he didnt treat. In March 15, 1990 he was admitted to municipal hospital No.9 with a suspicion of compressive injury D7-D8-D9. He received treatment during 21 days. He was discharged from hospital with diagnosis of back and thorax contusion. In April 13, 1990 he was referred to receive treatment to T.P. Belousova. His vertebral column has been returned to the normal state after 11 sessions of treatment (May 11, 1990).

N.A. Kuzina, tool-maker of Motor-Sich plant, Zaporozhye, Ukraine
From the bottom of my heart I want to express my thanks to Tamara Pavlovna for her courtesy, care and understanding of patients, especially for penetration into disease of a patient and her knowledge. By her skilful hands she toils at patients so that her patient might get better. Just so she cured me! During 4 years I used to be beside myself owing to severe pains in loin and on the left side of sciatic nerve, along the leg, but she cured it some time ago. Today Im completing my treatment. I have got better to an extent that I am agile. Thanks a lot Tamara Pavlovna for your help.

L.V. Silenko, the nurse of medical and sanitary department Motor-Sich, Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Tamara Pavlovna has treated me within a month. I had frequent headaches. Neurologist told me that I have no chance to recover from such migraine-like pains. I had a pain in the area of thoracocervical part of vertebral column. I have taken the cure within a month. I have no headaches now thanks to your skilful hands and knowledge, thanks to your kindness. Thank you very much for everything!

Marina Ph. Morozova, Zaporozhye, Ukraine
I went to a hospital in June 20, 1990 with diagnosis of knee-joint and elbow joint inflammation. Doctor Peleshko prescribed me the course of treatment by laser beam, ozokerite. I felt myself like in consulting room of a sorceress. She really merits this word. I have transmitted ischemic stroke with left side cut and I suffer from constant headache. Tamara Pavlovna has done impossible by her magical hands she has set displaced cervical vertebra to its proper place. I had a headache in the course of 17 years, but now I can shout at the top of my voice: "I have no headache, a pain left me, it seems forever, thanks to so talented, kind, tender and needful people in white smocks like Tamara P. Belousova!"

Olga N. Klimenko, Zhitomir, Ukraine
Thanks to the God that he set me on the right track and brought me to your health-improving center. I was infirm patient. I was sick with osteochondrosis during eighteen years. Last seven years I felt a severe pain in spinal column and knee-joints. More than a year I couldnt peel potatoes because my right hand was numb.
And now I am leaving the Center. I can return home in good health after 13 medical sessions. IT IS A WONDER I AM CURED!
Good Lord, thank You for your blessing and for granted power. I wish good health, patience and magnanimity for all team of Belousovas Center.
Tamara Pavlovna Belousova, thank you for you Center, returning happiness and will to live to all people. Thanks a lot that you impart your knowledge to young specialists.

S.N. Valeev, AvtoZAZ factory, Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Thank you kindly for your help, for returned health and will to live and be happy. Dear Tamara Pavlovna, thank you for your unique technique, for sensitive attitude towards people and for your human kindness, for warm-heartedness and magical hands. I wish you Athletic Health and Good Luck in your hard, but so vital work.

      Examples, referred above, strikingly illustrate the ease and the efficiency of the present technique due to correct diagnostics and removal of the cause of sickness, arising from abnormalities in different parts of spinal column at different stages of advanced case. It's obvious that diseases could have been cured earlier if patients had consulted with appropriate expert.

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The licence of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine - B series No.299580 of December 12, 2005
Modern health-improving techniques for vertebral column and articulations, DENS-therapy, tibetan  medicine,  correcting  massage    with the application of bone setting technique

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