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    Dynamic Electro-Neuron Stimulating therapy (DENS-therapy hereafter) activates most of nerve fibers, including thin C-fibers. Neuropeptides, numerous groups of singular substances, are chemical agents (neuromediators) in nerve impulsing in these fibers. Modern investigations have proved that neuropeptides, together with other factors, support the operation of all biological functions of the organism. For example: endorphin supports analgetic effect; vasopressin and adrenocorticotrophin have an influence upon learning processes, memory and arteriotony regulation; vasoactive intestinal polypeptide influences on gastrointestinal tract secretion, lowering the appetite at that; somatostatin promoting temperature reduction; luliberin regulates the sexual activity; thyrotropin-releasing hormone makes the respiratory function better and etc.
     DENS-therapy normalizes broken functions and metabolic processes of the organism, greatly improves general condition and adaptation capabilities of the organism.
   DENS-therapy is a method of nonmedicamentous, noninvasive therapeutic action upon human organism. DENS-therapy is aimed at activation of internal strengths of the organism, metabolism control, regulation of circulation of the blood, normalization of nervous system operation.
     Effects of DENS-therapy are the following:
1- general adjusting,
2- metabolism normalization,
3- nerve fiber conduction normalization,
4- hormonal background normalization,
5- normalization of neurovegetative functions,
6- vascular tone normalization,
7- stimulation of reparation processes,
8- stimulation of tissues regeneration,
9- anesthetic,
10- antiinflammatory,
11- anti-edematous,
12- ascension of localized circulation of the blood,
13- antiallergic,
14- economic.

       In training health-improving center of Tamara Belousova you can get detailed advice on DENS-applicator use.

Tianshi bioactive nutrients and preparations.

       Uniqueness and effectiveness of Tianshi bioactive nutrients are confirmed by appreciation of experts and experience of their application by many thousands of people in many countries. All Tianshi preparations consist of natural ingredients.

       At the same time all these preparations have well-balanced composition, including daily demand. They have deep multifunctional influence upon the organism.

       It is not occasionally that Tianshi cordycept (Tianshi Corp. has an exclusive right to use its raw material all over the World) is named as natural antibiotic that has no unwanted consequences peculiar to synthetic medicaments. Tianshi calcium preparations are unique all over the world, because they contain stable calcium ion. This ensured that they are beyond comparison according to the measure of calcium assimilation (in fact, it is assimilated practically completely) and effect to the organism.

       That's why we are interested that you know in full what efficiency of Tianshi preparations feels like.

Doctor will recommend you how to take these medicines. We'll help you to select correct preparations so as you feel miraculous effect of Tianshi bioactive nutrients!

For more details about Tianshi preparations and ways of their intake consult with experts of Training Health-Improving Center of Tamara Belousova.

Training Health-Improving Center
of Tamara Belousova

The licence of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine - АB series No.299580 of December 12, 2005
Modern health-improving techniques for vertebral column and articulations, DENS-therapy, tibetan  medicine,  correcting  massage  с  with the application of bone setting technique

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We are waiting for you in Training Health-Improving Centre of Tamara Pavlovna Belousova!
Clay treatment is high-performance natural treatment mode.

       Clay therapy is an ancient method numbering several thousand years. Ages of clays are estimated at many million years.
       Clay base consists of silicon oxide, alumina, and water. Moreover its chemical composition contains compounds of titanium, calcium and manganese, sodium, potassium and elements of nitrogen, zinc and lithium, copper, ferrous iron and other chemical elements. Especially it is necessary to take note of mineral salts and trace elements, because clay therapeutic action is determined mainly by its mineral composition. Some clays contains more silicon, others contains more aluminium or manganese.
       Scientists distinguish up to 40 types of clay. Of course, they highly differ in composition, structure and color. Different types of clay are used in different ways. Red, yellow, green, blue, white, gray, even black clay of different colour tones occur in nature. Chemical composition, prevalence of definite element or salt of certain metal determines clay color and hue, its properties.
       That's why clays from different fields differ markedly.
       White clay (kaolin) has salutary influence on skin state, soothes and strengthens sensitive skin, actively sorbs toxins. It is used in stomatology, as a cure for ENT-diseases. Its sorbing properties become  more  apparent 
by way of bath (both partial and full). White clay is also applied asapplications in the presence of gastrointestinal tract diseases. It is known that white clay (kaolin) binds and gets out harmful substances and metabolic products from the organism. Kaolin is a clean, white innocuous material; that's why it is usually used as a part or base of cosmetic preparations.
Due to unique properties of crystal lattice, a clay not only sorbs metabolic products from skin surface, but "exchanges" with the human organism at ionic level, absorbing everything unnecessary and giving everything required, health-giving.
       Clay contains all mineral salts and trace elements, required for our organism, in optimal proportions and combinations for their assimilation by the organism.
       Official medicine applies clay treatment in case of chronic and subacute diseases of articulations, spine and muscles, peripheral nerves, residuals after poliomyelitis, traumas (contusions, sprain of ligaments, fractures), chronic and subacute female disorders, chronic inflammation of gallbladder, chronic constipations and etc.
       Clay is applied abroad; Germany and Switzerland hospitals used it to treat for different diseases, especially, for tuberculosis.
       Folk medicine uses clay more wider; it is used to treat such diseases as cancer of different localization, leukemia, innocent tumors, adenoids and polyps, goiter, inflammation and induration of lymph nodes, anemia, headache, atherosclerosis and paralysis, nervous disorders, epilepsia and diseases of the brain, otitis, eye diseases and female disorders (mastitis, mastopathy, prolapsus of the uterus, fibromyoma, polypus, cyst, inconstant menstruation, vaginitis, different inflammations and discharge), male genital organ  flaccidity  and  induration   in  testicles,

pancreatic diabetes, diseases of digestive apparatus (gastritis, constipations, intestinal colic, enterocolitis, rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids), hepatitis, jaundice, kidney and urinary bladder diseases, heart-diseases, bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, tuberculosis, cough, hemoptysis, rhinitis, maxillary sinusitis, nasal polyps, nosebleeds, angina, dermatoses (eczema, psoriasis, erysipelas, warts), alopecia, rickets, arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism, spurs, injuries (contusions, dislocation), varix dilatation, bone and joint diseases (fractures, ligamentous laxity), wounds, ulcers and other diseases.
       Scientific medicine applies only white clay dust.
       We can talk about useful properties of clay for a long time. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the following healing property: clay is an excellent absorbing agent. Thus if you intake a clay, it absorbs toxic and poisonous substances in stomach and small bowel, i.e., takes microbe secretory poisons away, neutralizes them and gets out from the organism.
       Wealth of mineral content and antitoxic action impart universality to the clay. Clay surpasses even vegetables and fruit in no lack of mineral components. Besides, its excellent absorbing properties make clay get pathogenic substances out from the human organism, improving energy exchange. Clay also has a strong influence on pathogenic cells of external part of the human body, bringing them into a healthy state, and "adjusting" them to healthy wave length.
       Regular metabolism, in its turn, makes the organism healthy.
       A mechanism of clay health-giving property is the following: static wave (8 m) coincide with the wave of healthy cells of the organism. That's why, clay makes diseased cells vibrate as healthy cells, and, thus, helps the organism to get rid of detrimental structures, preventing the organism from normal functioning. All these facts characterize clay as universal and innocuous remedy used to treat for different diseases of the human organism.
       Clay has a lot of health-giving properties, thus, it can literally devour diseases under special conditions of its application. So clay has achieved the status of treasure, because there is nothing valuable than health.

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